Practical, a companion animal video player ‘Banzle’ officially opened in the App Store

Seoul–(Newswire) May 03, 2022 — Mobile app developer Practical (CEO Park Byeong-il) has developed its own ‘Banzle video player for pets’ on Google Play Store (Android) and App Store. It was announced on the 3rd that it was officially opened through (IOS).

‘Banzle’, a video player for companion animals developed by Practical, is a video player that allows companion animals to spend the day happily by playing the video on a smartphone that is not in use to the companion animal alone at home after the companion has gone to work. Smartphone-only apps and services.

As of 2022, there are 15 million domestic companions, and the reality is that one in four companion animals spends more than six hours a day alone. Companion owners turn on the lights or install air-conditioning, air-conditioning, automatic feeders, CCTV, etc. to soothe the loneliness of their companion animals and secure their safety. Accordingly, the pet tech market is growing significantly every year.

Banzle is a new pet tech product that allows you to check the current status of your companion animal using the camera on your smartphone, make a video call with your pet, and select a video to play on your pet at home from a remote location.

CEO Park Byeong-il said, “Currently, YouTube’s videos specialized for dogs and cats are provided through the Banzzle app, and we will invest more in developing videos for companion animals in the future.”

Banzzle can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS).

Practical Overview

Practical is a smartphone app developer established in 2018.

Google Play Store (Android):….
App Store (IOS):


반즐(Banzle) – 반려동물 전용 동영상 플레이어

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